Welcome to HeartVision


This be me at the headwaters of the Sacramento River at the

base of Mt. Shasta in Northern California.  Pictured is Mt.Shasta and Black Butte, which is off of I-5 near Shasta city.

Why HeartVision?

Wellll, when I first started selling rocks 25 years ago, I did a

few shows.  One of the shows wanted a company name.  So,

in my infinite wisdom, I meditated on it and one day I was in

Galveston, Texas, on the beach, and I looked up over the

water and saw a heart with an eye inside of it, indicating to

me that seeing with the heart is true wisdom.  And that's a

fact Jack. So, I sell rocks, travel a lot, and manage to

entertain many people in the process and be entertained as well.

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(cell) 248-320-9994